Sorry for the lack of substance for the last couple of months. I have been in transition and it has been quite exciting. I have taken a step into a more fine arts field for a while. If you are a makeup fan, don’t you worry now. I will be focusing on visual arts but my concepts and practice will hopefully be intertwined with all of my practices of painting, sculpture and yes makeup! And really, who knows what else…..

For the time being I will be playing a little catch up, posting all of those shoots and projects I have worked on that are makeup related that have piled up. I will also still be work on some makeup shoots and the likes as time allows in between my art practices. You will also get to follow my art works, processes and ideas. Hopefully you enjoy!


This shoot, if you track back a little bit, is another shoot I had done for the Contessa Hair competition. To take a look, get a little more info click here: 

Shaunn Watt is the very talented stylist to be admired here! A Vancouver local working at Kokopelli Hair Salon & Body Lounge on Commercial Drive . 


Photos by Alex Waber.




Natural Disasters

April 10, 2011

Kim Akrigg & Ryan Doco Connors have collaborated to bring you a series of 8 prints (4 from Kim & 4 from Ryan) and they’re selling the prints by donation (minimum donation $25). All proceeds are going to support the people of Japan in their time of need. Please email Kim or Ryan to order your prints!!

Photographers: Kim Akrigg, Ryan Doco Conners
Models: Karie Holst, Oksana Bach, Kaylee Michelle, Chelsea Rea
Stylist: Sonia Capriceru
Makup Artists: Carolyn Secord, Shawnna Downing, Dina Day, Kriss Stephens
Hair Stylists: Stef Toews

Art to Makeup Art

May 24, 2010

Throughout my time in Fine Arts I generally tended to gravitate towards a beauty/fashion style and theme to express my ideas. I have always enjoyed the body and using it within my artwork. I like to paint portraits and I like to take photos of people, but what I really always yearned for was to paint ON a person. To actually use them as my canvas was one thing that always sounded so intriguing but so far from something I could do. Not only did lack the material, but also the knowledge of product and application to properly convey the ideas I wanted to portray. I find the body so wondrous and full of opportunity. Each a gift just waiting to be unraveled, revealed and seen in such a different way then its current state. It took me a long time to find and understand that Makeup Art is something I am deeply interested in. My love of looking and being able to feel the beauty in a persons form and not only pull that beauty forward, but also take that beauty and use it to express much more.