Sorry for the lack of substance for the last couple of months. I have been in transition and it has been quite exciting. I have taken a step into a more fine arts field for a while. If you are a makeup fan, don’t you worry now. I will be focusing on visual arts but my concepts and practice will hopefully be intertwined with all of my practices of painting, sculpture and yes makeup! And really, who knows what else…..

For the time being I will be playing a little catch up, posting all of those shoots and projects I have worked on that are makeup related that have piled up. I will also still be work on some makeup shoots and the likes as time allows in between my art practices. You will also get to follow my art works, processes and ideas. Hopefully you enjoy!


This shoot, if you track back a little bit, is another shoot I had done for the Contessa Hair competition. To take a look, get a little more info click here: 

Shaunn Watt is the very talented stylist to be admired here! A Vancouver local working at Kokopelli Hair Salon & Body Lounge on Commercial Drive . 


Photos by Alex Waber.




Bryon Anderson

July 21, 2010

Photographer: Lynol Lui
Model: Bryon Anderson
MUA: Carolyn Leanne Secord

Here is the latest with Bryon Anderson. It was his first shoot but he is definitely a natural. He was a bit shy in the beginning but look at the beauty and talent.

Also more amazing photography from Lynol Lui. He was working with an almost black and white, blue tinted monochromatic pallet, giving the images a lot of dimension and shape. He concentrated on revealing and concealing with the cropping and and shadows. I find them soft and slightly sexualized.