This shoot was just featured in the Ben Trovato Blog!



Photographer: Kim Akrigg
Model: Ann Karamysh
Stylist: Sarah Daniels
Hair: Kara R.Gilbertson
Makeup: Carolyn Secord


Ben Trovato first saw the light of day in July 2009. Through passion and dedication, creator Marius Troy has created a platform where his vision to help aspiring fashion photographers become discovered, as well as generating inspiration to all interested in the art form, can be accomplished.

Since its creation, Ben Trovato has had almost 100 million hits, and millions of visits. It has been featured in fashion magazines all over the world, and has quickly grown to be the place the business turns to for inspiration and new, raw talent.

BT has opened doors for hundreds of photographers, made careers, and been a portal where not only the successful photographers had their work featured, but a place where the up and coming talents are selected to showcase their work.

The site has grown not only in status and popularity, but in size as well. Fall 2010, Founder and Editor in Chief Marius Troy invited Belgian art and fashion enthusiast Bjørn Van Poucke as part of the team, responsible as Assistant Editor and Marketing Manager. The most recent addition as Communications Manager, Michelle Lanning, finalizes the Holy Trinity Ben Trovato stands for. (taken from blog)