Sorry for the lack of substance for the last couple of months. I have been in transition and it has been quite exciting. I have taken a step into a more fine arts field for a while. If you are a makeup fan, don’t you worry now. I will be focusing on visual arts but my concepts and practice will hopefully be intertwined with all of my practices of painting, sculpture and yes makeup! And really, who knows what else…..

For the time being I will be playing a little catch up, posting all of those shoots and projects I have worked on that are makeup related that have piled up. I will also still be work on some makeup shoots and the likes as time allows in between my art practices. You will also get to follow my art works, processes and ideas. Hopefully you enjoy!


This shoot, if you track back a little bit, is another shoot I had done for the Contessa Hair competition. To take a look, get a little more info click here: 

Shaunn Watt is the very talented stylist to be admired here! A Vancouver local working at Kokopelli Hair Salon & Body Lounge on Commercial Drive . 


Photos by Alex Waber.





August 25, 2011

Photographer: Alex Waber
Models: Adam Chotem, Paige Frewer, Tyler Brad
Stylist: Tyra Lee Weitman
Makeup and Hair: Carolyn Leanne Secord

This is an exciting day. A publishing in XO MAGAZINE has occurred through the creative collaboration of the lovely people above! The issue was called HOMME. This shoot is working with a theme of an androgynous interaction between two individuals. A romance is created where the connection is felt but with a mix of female and males where the roles are not certain and the sex is not necessarily definable especially in clothing and stance.

It was absolutely fantastic working with all of these people and our work was worth the effort! For the link, to browse the magazine online, or to purchase click below!







Kyla Lee

July 8, 2011

Photographer: Alex Waber
Model: Kyla Lee
Makekup and Hair: Carolyn Secord







Makeup and hair by me of course!






April 16, 2011

Photographer: Alex Waber
Model: Brittany Bowes
Hair, Makeup, Clothing, Styling: Carolyn Secord

This is something I have been working on for a long long time. Just trying to get it right. Everything about her has been hand created by me. I have always had a strong fascination with art and one of my favorite pieces is Nude Descending a Staircase by Duchamp. I thought I would take this cubist style into my hands and try to bring it to real life.









Nystrom Tailoring

April 7, 2011

Photographer: Alex Waber
Hair and Makeup: Carolyn Secord

Take a look at these fantastic, well tailored, classy yet unique, men’s jackets. Definitely something to save up for. Designed and created by Vancouver’s Nystrom Tailoring. If you are looking to inquire please contact via email:

The Monster

November 4, 2010


Tribal Shoot.

October 27, 2010

This shoot I kind of invited myself into. The theme was tribal and fellow makeup artist Jessica Faucher and photographer Alex Waber had set a time and date. There just ended up being too many ideas for one artist to handle. This is what you get with 3 creative minds, a jamspace hallway/dingy warehouse basement, 4 models and a bit of time!

Hazel Skye

Susan Puno