November 10, 2010

Sometimes I wonder where my visions arise? Apparently this was in the spirit of halloween! Clowns are extremely fascinating to me at the moment. They can be so eery but also have some sort of attractive qualities in the softness and powdery appearance of their skin.

This was my first, Carolyn original, made from scratch, prosthetic! Hand sculpted and poured by me! A terribly long and messy process. But who are we kidding, I love to get a bit messy!

A big thanks to model Melissa Hamar for being so amazing. Not able to speak but still so full of excitement. You killed it!




Gore, cuts, bruises…

September 29, 2010

So here is just a little tid bit of the blood, gore, beaten and wounded. I seem to have misplaced some of my photos but there’s still some pretty gross stuff here! Hopefully I will find my zombies and exorcist soon! Keep checking… I have some more crazy stuff coming together!








September 28, 2010

As you can see, all of these beards have been applied on a lovely lady, Jessica…. but you can see the opportunity!!!

Which mo will you grow?

5 o’clock shadow…Skeezy stash and sideburn combo….


Full wizard/santa beard…

Just a funny middle stage…

Rough looking fisherman? Natural long beard…

Sparse splotchy beard…

Beautifuly bald.

August 31, 2010

A long and complex process but I have to say, this is one of my favorites! The intricate work involved is time consuming and requires a flawless finish but these details are what makes this particular work so intriguing to me. Each step becomes an obsession, a goal of perfection. I absolutely love the thought of a pure, clean canvas. What lies in this empty space is endless opportunity!

Not only do I see a place of inspiration and creation for my work, I also find the pure human figure very beautiful in itself. Many if not most females look extraordinary with no hair to hide them. Hair only serves to over power naturally occurring features in the face, while a bald head leaves the face free of distraction, pulling out and enhancing all of these natural features.




Kat and Cammy

August 30, 2010

For all of those interested in the previous ladies actual identities, here is a couple shots. Two vibrant young ladies!

….they say you get wiser

August 29, 2010

Yes, yes. It might be a dreadful experience to look up in the mirror and see yourself suddenly as the elderly. Its pretty crazy though. These two fine young ladies are the mere age of 21 and 22… Kat and Cammy. Apparently those frames are an excellent accessory for a grandma. They, and the rest come to you courtesy of my regular wardrobe. I just own this stuff….good? I am not too sure.

Elephant Man

August 14, 2010

Hey all! This would be my first attempt at anything this complicated… I think it turned out fairly well. First there is a little story about how he came to be. Read on.

…A lot of advancements are made every year in scientific research. Every time we are approached with a new and unseen medical event, doctors can only help by combining their high knowledge of the human body with experimentation. This is how cures to diseases, successful amputations, reconstructive surgery and many more advancements came to be. Sometimes we are grateful because these processes work but unfortunately sometimes it does not.

Now, in 2010, surgeons can replace malfunctioning valves of hearts with those of healthy hearts. Not in all cases though, is this heart human. Many other organs can also be mended or even replace, but that is usually by those of parts of cows. Human bodies are not so readily available for dissecting. Most commonly it is small pieces of animals that they can use in our bodies. Finding out that inserting large portions of animals could not maintain a “normal” human was found out the hard way.

About 53 years ago, a young girl was born in critical condition. She had come into this world inside out, literally. All of her internal organs were outside. Normally you can do a slightly complicated surgery to place them back to their designated positions and stitch her up. This girl had other troubles though. Many if not most of her lower organs, from the duodenum down were completely and utterly unusable. This is around the time when animal organ transplants had become of interest. The only available organs at this particular time that were small enough and could possibly be of use were those inside their pregnant elephant.

After a quick abortion of the elephant fetus, the long and complicated reconstruction began– stitching, piecing and mending the organs into the precious body of this beautiful baby girl.

They at first thought it was impossible, and that the additions would never take. They kept a close watch on her, day after day, week after week until one day, after no complication whatsoever, they decided on a story of success!

This baby girl grew normally into an infant, then child, teen then adult and at the ripe age of 26 married and to everyone’s surprise, especially her own, she became pregnant! What a glorious gift from above.

9 months later….

Shouting, screaming roaring in the operating room, “What a beast!” “What has come from you?” “The devil himself!”

This is where the scientific advance came galloping back; a mix of man and nature. A crossbreeding so unnatural that not even a mother could come to love. He was the Elephant man.

So shocked and revolted but still too good-natured to kill, she took him to the only she could think, the CIRCUS.

Here he was raised and put on showcase for money. He was used and abused, taken in for his oddity but also punished by long labor for his clumsiness due to this. His eyes were caring and he had a kind gentle soul. His soft-spoken demeanor should have been an asset but he was just taken advantage of. Poor elephant man.