Photographer: Kent Wingerak
Model: Charity Plamondon
Makeup and Hair: Carolyn Secord


This shoot is another done with the beautiful, in body and spirit, Charity Plamondon! Every shoot is an adventure, exploring new territory and all the beauty it has to offer. We will not be letting these phenomenal natural backdrops in British Columbia go to waste.

It was the first time for me working with photographer Kent Wingerak and I have to say that over all this day, although being long, was quite a pleasure! He is an award winning Vancouver photographer with plenty of experience in film and photography. To check out all he has to off just click on the link below!























April 1, 2011

Photographer: Patryk Widejko
Model: Masseni of Lexington Models

For this shoot we went out to Lighthouse Park. Absolutely amazing location! All the beautiful places I get to go to on this job!

Check out Patryks other work! Fantastic!

Hey everyone!! Sorry I have  been gone so long. I have been having some technical difficulties but I am back on board with tons to share! Keep posted over the next little while because I will be adding bits and bites all over the place!

Today I have a music video that I got a chance to work on linked at the bottom. Her name is Stef Lang. A local Vancouver artist with a great set of lungs!

Take a look!


November 10, 2010

Sometimes I wonder where my visions arise? Apparently this was in the spirit of halloween! Clowns are extremely fascinating to me at the moment. They can be so eery but also have some sort of attractive qualities in the softness and powdery appearance of their skin.

This was my first, Carolyn original, made from scratch, prosthetic! Hand sculpted and poured by me! A terribly long and messy process. But who are we kidding, I love to get a bit messy!

A big thanks to model Melissa Hamar for being so amazing. Not able to speak but still so full of excitement. You killed it!



A Bright Accent.

November 2, 2010

I have yet again had a lovely time working with very talented photographer Kim Akrigg. We went with the idea of bold accents in color with pale smooth skin. A first time working with model Chantelle Lauren–great work ladies!




Tribal Shoot.

October 27, 2010

This shoot I kind of invited myself into. The theme was tribal and fellow makeup artist Jessica Faucher and photographer Alex Waber had set a time and date. There just ended up being too many ideas for one artist to handle. This is what you get with 3 creative minds, a jamspace hallway/dingy warehouse basement, 4 models and a bit of time!

Hazel Skye

Susan Puno

Gore, cuts, bruises…

September 29, 2010

So here is just a little tid bit of the blood, gore, beaten and wounded. I seem to have misplaced some of my photos but there’s still some pretty gross stuff here! Hopefully I will find my zombies and exorcist soon! Keep checking… I have some more crazy stuff coming together!








September 28, 2010

As you can see, all of these beards have been applied on a lovely lady, Jessica…. but you can see the opportunity!!!

Which mo will you grow?

5 o’clock shadow…Skeezy stash and sideburn combo….


Full wizard/santa beard…

Just a funny middle stage…

Rough looking fisherman? Natural long beard…

Sparse splotchy beard…

I Heart Mea – Tropical

September 1, 2010

Photographer: Kim Akrigg
Model: Susan Puno
Stylist/Designer: Meagan Therese Squire
MUA: Carolyn Leanne Secord

This shoot was for Meagan Squires clothing line I Heart Mea. The 3 outfits were designed for a tropical themed fashion show that took place last April.

Meagan is a local Vancouver designer currently focusing on custom attire. I have had the chance to work with her a couple of times now and its always been a pleasure. She is an adorable girl with a fun sense of style. The first time I was graced by her company was at the Common Wealth Fashion show that featured this past month. I got to do up her ladies that were dressed in black, studs and plastic! Crazy and exciting night. She definitely has quite a range in her styling and designing abilities.

You can take a look what shes got going on at her site:

Beautifuly bald.

August 31, 2010

A long and complex process but I have to say, this is one of my favorites! The intricate work involved is time consuming and requires a flawless finish but these details are what makes this particular work so intriguing to me. Each step becomes an obsession, a goal of perfection. I absolutely love the thought of a pure, clean canvas. What lies in this empty space is endless opportunity!

Not only do I see a place of inspiration and creation for my work, I also find the pure human figure very beautiful in itself. Many if not most females look extraordinary with no hair to hide them. Hair only serves to over power naturally occurring features in the face, while a bald head leaves the face free of distraction, pulling out and enhancing all of these natural features.