Art to Makeup Art

May 24, 2010

Throughout my time in Fine Arts I generally tended to gravitate towards a beauty/fashion style and theme to express my ideas. I have always enjoyed the body and using it within my artwork. I like to paint portraits and I like to take photos of people, but what I really always yearned for was to paint ON a person. To actually use them as my canvas was one thing that always sounded so intriguing but so far from something I could do. Not only did lack the material, but also the knowledge of product and application to properly convey the ideas I wanted to portray. I find the body so wondrous and full of opportunity. Each a gift just waiting to be unraveled, revealed and seen in such a different way then its current state. It took me a long time to find and understand that Makeup Art is something I am deeply interested in. My love of looking and being able to feel the beauty in a persons form and not only pull that beauty forward, but also take that beauty and use it to express much more.


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