Its all in the past

May 23, 2010

Here is a little background on my history of photography. Some projects I have done while in Fine Arts in university, enjoy!

When I began to work with concepts I immediately got sucked into the exploration of collections, those who collect and the obsession in collecting. The photos below reflect this repetitive action not only visually by capturing those who partake in the action itself, but also within the process of making the art itself. These individuals have been chosen for their collecting of similar items that may not be needed in duplication, keeping items that after use will not serve a purpose, and buying items that you may not ever use just because it fits into the category of your collection. Generally people like this find a comfort in purchasing something they know they already enjoy. They know they will not be disappointed. It is their safety blanket.

tyler Lindsay




The idea of comfort and then safety blanket was taken into the construction of this concept. I figure, what is more collective and repetitive then the process of making  a quilt? Not only before, in the act of collection all of the bits of fabric, but after with the repetition of the sewing itself.

I then felt like I was being sucked in to this repetitive obsessive nature and decided to float with it. The images I used were taken, then photocopied, then the photocopy was photocopied and so forth. This created a spectrum of the image from the original quality to a very contrasted degraded quality, speaking of the progression of collecting. The more and more you acquire of these items, the less and less sense it makes. the final step was making these images into photo transfers, so I could sew them into the quilt.

I don’t have an image of the quilt at the moment.


One Response to “Its all in the past”

  1. Steph Law Says:

    I’m on a blog! This is so exciting Nanners!!!! Also, I’ve always loved that picture with the back and the balletrina(sp?)! You’re tallent amazes me!

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